Friday, 31 August 2012

Mt. Hobson School is AWESOME

Below is an article on the children of Mt. Hobson School in Auckland. We more than appreciate their love and support!!! They are ROCKSTARS!!!

Students at Mt Hobson School in Auckland have started a 6 week personal running challenge to raise money for orphaned and abandoned children in Latin America and the Caribbean.  
The students run 1km every Friday and record their best times, adding these together until they have their best 10km time. 

Mt Hobson’s principal, Alwyn Poole, needs to beat the fastest time at the 10km Barry Kurtis fun run in November, or treat the students to lunch.The students have been given an individual fundraising goal of $100 each; which will go to helping the children of NPH.

Sandy & Brito sending their support!

NPH New Zealand was established in 2012 to help provide education, healthcare, and a loving family home to orphaned, abandoned and abused children around Latin America and the Caribbean.
NPH’s first home was established in Mexico in 1954 by Father William Wasson. NPH has since expanded to have homes in 9 countries across the region and has helped save and raise over 25,000 children in its homes and hospitals. NPH’s mission is to give hope to these homeless and abandoned children, and provide them with the training, resources and support to become valued members of the community and end this cycle of poverty and abandonment.

NPH New Zealand is constantly looking for volunteers, sponsorship and assistance with fundraising initiatives like that of Mt Hobson School. Current projects include schooling and medical assistance in Peru and Bolivia, health education in the Dominican Republic and and continuous care and education of the children.

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