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There is so much we take for granted in the Western World, and one of the most-wasted, overindulged and pervasive elements is FOOD! It is estimated that over 50% of the food we grow, sell and consume, goes in the bin! Things have changed drastically over the past decade and we are now, more than ever, interested in where our food comes from, how it has been grown, treated, distributed and sold. With terms such as "paddock-to-plate", organic, bio-dynamic, macro-biotic, gluten-free, sugar-free, GE-free, MGO-free etc etc being plastered all over our food products, in the media, in our workplaces and our homes, it is easy to forget that food is simply that; FOOD and that most of the world do not have it, or at the very least, do not have enough of it.

It is estimated that over 1 billion people live below the poverty line, which means that they exist on less than $2.25 per day! In an effort to eradicate world poverty, the stage was set for a global exercise that would challenge people to live on this tiny amount. The challenge is known as Live Below the Line and we would love you to participate.

From the 23rd – 27th of September 2013, NPH New Zealand volunteers and friends will be living on $2.25 a day for food and water for 5 days, to raise funds to help eradicate poverty worldwide. In 2012, thousands of New Zealanders participated in this challenge and raised an impressive $380,000!

This challenge means that any individual can do something about changing the injustices of extreme poverty. NPH is one of Live Below the Line’s partner charities, and we are looking for Kiwis who are willing to take up the challenge.

Click here to find out how it all works!

At NPH, we believe that every child has the right to a loving home, an education, regular meals and healthcare. Currently, we care for over 3,000 orphaned or abandoned children in our nine homes throughout Latin America, all of whom have previously lived through devastating poverty and have suffered severe abuse, violence or neglect.

Since our establishment in 1954, NPH children have grown up to become teachers, doctors, accountants, lawyers, and directors of the NPH homes themselves. By providing these children with a better future, we can break the cycle of poverty and transform a whole society.

Where is your money going?

NPH New Zealand raises funds primarily 3for the two mostly recently established NPH homes, in Bolivia and Peru. Due to the global financial crisis and a shortage of donations, these homes are struggling to provide regular fruit and meat for the children, and have had to stop a number of vocational workshops and therapeutic activities that were highly beneficial to the children to overcome their traumatic backgrounds. A new medical clinic at NPH Bolivia is currently under construction, and funding for appropriate medical staff and equipment is desperately needed. Also, the growing family at NPH Peru urgently needs to build a new kitchen, as their present kitchen lacks many of the necessities for feeding 96 children and 25 employees.

These homes need your help so that they can continue to transform the lives of children today.

Why live below the line for NPH NZ?

NPH is a unique organisation in many ways. Once children are welcomed into an NPH home, they are never asked to leave, nor are they separated from their siblings. All NPH children retain a connection with their home throughout their lives, even after they have gone on to university or to start a family of their own. At every NPH home, children are taught the value of sharing and of service, and each of them must help with daily chores such as cooking, cleaning, and harvesting crops. Every child must complete a year or more of service to their home as medical assistants, caregivers, or office staff, among others. As a result, each home is a self-sustaining community that requires fewer outside volunteers and paid staff.

NPH not only provides for the children in their care, but has also established various community outreach programmes. In Haiti, NPH operates the largest free paediatric hospital in the country. Throughout Latin America, NPH provides aid, clothing, food and medical care to families in the community, and provides drug awareness and education workshops in local schools.

I hope you can join us and gain a glimpse into the lives of those who have no choice but to live below the line every day. All proceeds go towards supporting the orphaned and abandoned children in NPH homes, each of whom have suffered from extreme poverty. Fundraising is simple and can be done mostly online.

Plus, Live Below the Line offers this handy recipe book (issuu.com/livebelowthelinenz/docs/recipe_ideas) with ideas for getting through the day on only $2.25!

To sign up, email: info@nph-nz.org

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