Thursday, 1 May 2014

NPH Orphanage Trip - Peru April 2014 - Part 1

In April, nine of our amazing volunteers travelled to NPH Peru accompanied by our director, Kristina Cavit. Bella MacDonald has written a wonderful piece about their experience at the home:

On this years NPH Orphanage trip to Peru we have a diverse bunch of kiwis. We are getting on like a house on fire and we all feel at home, even after just five days.

Under the Direction of Kristina, NPH Director of New Zealand, who has done an amazing job getting us all here and organising our trip, we have come from all over NZ (and the world) to be here.

From Auckland we have Aidee and Dan, who along with their enormous suitcases full of donations, brought their amazing talents with them. Aidee is an Actor and has played roles in Step Dave and Outrageous Fortune as well as being a Film Director. Aidee is also an Ambassador for NPH in New Zealand.

Dan designs marble fit-outs for Super Yachts around the world which allows him to take several months off at a time to work on various other projects and passions of his, such as photography, commercial diving and designing other products that he sells around the globe. Aidee and Dan are friends of Kristina and were keen to come to Peru to meet Aidee’s Godson, Nelson.

Maree is a young Doctor in Auckland who has taken 3 months off to travel around the Americas before moving hospitals in Auckland. Her extensive knowledge of health has been a great assistance in identifying some of the problem areas especially related to the diet of the children at the orphanage. Maree decided to join NPH as it is something she had wanted to do for a long time and believes it will be a good insight into her interest of medical aid in third world countries.

Russell is a father of four from the North Island who is a semi-retired dairy farmer, developer and civil constructor. Russell was convinced to come by Kristina who is a good friend of his daughter. His trip has been extra special as he has been able to meet his Godson, Carlos and he has generously shared his extensive knowledge of construction with the rest of the NPH Team.

Another Aucklander, Rose, is a teacher who has taken leave to go and travel. After being convinced by her friend in Santiago to just book a flight and go, Rose’s trip to NPH was decided at the last minute. Rose is an amazing musician and has been able to connect to the children by teaching them some beautiful kiwi songs.

Bobby is a Brazilian born musician who has lived in New Zealand for 15 years. He is a good friend of Aidee and Dan and supports NPH in New Zealand through live below the poverty line. Bobby’s musical talents were greatly received by the kids, who surprised him by picking up rhythms extremely quickly.

Trish is the Mother of Lou and they joined the team through a friend’s curiosity about NPH, so they thought they would check it out themselves. They are travelling around South America for two and a half months before Trish moves back to Dunedin from working as a Teacher in Auckland. Lou has been working in Dunedin while considering what path she will take next and hopes her travels will give her a bit of inspiration.

Bella is a student at Otago University on exchange in Santiago, Chile. She decided to join the NPH trip after meeting Kristina after a NPH fundraising event and being intrigued by the work that she does. Bella has also been able to meet her Grandmother’s Goddaughter, Liz who is 17 and is hoping to study at University once finishing school at the end of this year.

NPH Peru is an Orphanage that houses 100 children that are classified by social workers that would not survive without NPH’s help. Many of the children are not actually Orphans, however, their circumstances are so dire that they are in need of NPH’s help.

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