Sunday, 4 May 2014

NPH Orphanage Trip - Peru April 2014 - Part 2

We’ve learnt that the children are accepted at any age and currently they range from 15 months to 23 years old. NPH’s goal is not to just provide food and shelter for the children but to ensure that when they leave NPH, they leave with life skills and the education to break the cycle of poverty. The children are taught an incredible work ethic, most of them getting up at 6am to complete their chores before breakfast and school. Once finishing school, the children are required to give a year of service back to NPH. They can work as a ‘tio/a’ (a caregiver), in the houses, kitchen, or doing office work.

It is really inspiring to see these children, who have nothing, to be so grateful for what they have. Russell gave his Godson Carlos some presents and before going back home, he folded the t-shirts immaculately and put everything back into the wrapping paper. It was so incredible to see a 17 year old boy even know how to fold a t-shirt so well! You can really see the sense of family here in the home with all the older kids looking out for the younger ones, carrying them or holding their hands.

The poverty that these children have come from is visible the second you walk out the gates of NPH. Right next to the home there is a slum that you can see the houses, made with recycled bricks and bound by what seems to be water and dirt. It is alarming to think that these kids would have come from similar places where their lives were in such danger.

NPH Peru is run by Alfredo and his wife Betty, who are both ‘ex-pequenos’ having had grown up in the homes in Mexico. They are excellent role models for the children, having both gained scholarships to attend university in Miami, where they met. Also they both speak great English.

Rafael is the house director of NPH Peru, who also grew up in the Honduras NPH home. He also went to university where he was able to pursue his studies in Psychology.

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