Sunday, 4 May 2014

NPH Orphanage Trip - Peru April 2014 - Part 4

One of our big projects has been preparing the ground around the new kindergarten to put ready lawn down so the kids can use it as soon as possible. It looked like a rather massive task but under the thumb of Russell and Dan, we have come close to conquering it – that is if the grass is delivered.

Some of the boys came and helped us out today with wheelbarrows so full of dirt that the tyres were about to explode. The younger ones were pretty unsatisfied with their job of breaking up bigger bits of dirt and kept asking when they can start doing ‘real work’. Regardless of their idea of ‘real work’, they all still worked so hard and even in their sweatshirts and jeans in the heat of the middle of the day, they were reluctant to stop for a water break!

We took some of the older kids to the beach this afternoon but unfortunately the second we left, after having worked all morning in the blearing heat, the sun magically disappeared. It ended up a success with some of the braver boys taking a dip, some dolphins came in to the bay and we bought the kids some fishing lines and tried to teach them how to fish (even if a little unsuccessfully).

One of our major concerns for the children is their nutrition. On the first night we sat with them while they had dinner – pasta soup with beans. Last night they had chicken feet soup.

After speaking with Alfredo, he told us about how some of the older girls are suffering from gastritis and are not receiving enough protein and nutrients from fresh fruit and vegetables.  

So we have decided to support their project in attempt to give these girls the food that they need to be healthy and also the culinary knowledge so that they can cook it themselves.

It is estimated at US $5000, which we want to raise so that these girls can eat for a year, a nutritious diet and learn how to cook and share their knowledge and their food with the rest of the children.

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