Thursday, 10 July 2014

We are so happy to announce that Kiwi doctors Hannah Binns & Russel Eggleton are currently volunteering at the NPH Guatemala Orphanage Clinic. On their first day they have seen 50 children aged between 2-18 years old and are making a HUGE difference in their health & wellbeing.

See Hannah's update below :

Dear NPH,
We are absolutely loving the home! We spent the weekend in the house for special needs children which was cool! We took them to horse physical therapy which was interesting and not a therapy we were familiar with. Next we went to the with the 'casa de bebes' which I, in particular, loved! We made heaps of friends and took plenty of photos.

Yesterday was our first day in the clinic. De Lauren Gomez is really nice and speaks only in Spanish and very, very fast which was a good learning experience for us. She was there in the morning and left us alone for the afternoon to see the kids. We saw about 50 kids between the two of us. It has been the holidays so when they return to the home they all have to be seen by a doctor and assessed, so we were doing that. We actually feel like we're helpful and contributing to the home, which is a great feeling. We have diagnosed a few conditions and have prescribed some treatments; anything that we can do to improve the life of the kids, we want to do.

Until next time!